In The Navy: New Orleans sailors working hard out at sea

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NORFOLK, Va.-- All week long we've taken you aboard the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier stationed out in the Atlantic Ocean.  News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez has shown us landing techniques, and other naval operations.

Today, the adventure continues as we meet some sailors from New Orleans, who work hard on the boat.  They even put Kenny to work!

The U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN 69 has its share of Saints fans.  MM3- Kevin Branton is from Slidell and works in engineering.

Petty Officer Allan Tinoco is from Kenner. Tinoco is also an aviation electronics technician and he's part of VAW-123 Screwtops squadron. Allan was even born in Charity Hospital.

"Football, food, and family.  That's what I miss the most when I'm away at sea.  I miss the spirit of Louisiana," Tinoco said.

"I miss the food, hands down the food is the best food in the entire country," Branton said.

Both of these Louisiana-bred sailors miss home, but they know their mission at sea is for the greater good.

"Basically what I do is I work in a hydraulic shop. We work on the elevators, steering, and anchoring the ship, and all the doors on the ship," Branton said.

On to his next duty, which is cleaning the ship.  For this he called in a special seaman, honorary sailor Lopez.

"We are putting you to work Kenny.  Make sure you scrub it good.  Put your back into it.   If the ship isn't clean then people get sick.  If people get sick, then we can't do our mission," he said.

Enough swabbing the deck, now it's time to go to the flight deck to see what our other Louisiana-native, Tinoco is up to.  His job is to make sure that all pilots meet their training qualifications.

"You have to be able to think quickly.  Be able to make decisions in a quick second.  You have to learn it on the spot.  You never know what could happen on an aircraft, so you have to be ready and you have to be trained," he said.

With all the hard work these sailors put in, I think they all deserve a big "WHO DAT!"

Kenny's adventure at sea continues tomorrow as we learn about the weapon operations from another New Orleans native, Marcus Spencer.

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