Snoop Dogg will host a game show! Produced by Snoop & GMA’s Michael Strahan

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NEW ORLEANS - Snoop Dogg is getting another TV show.

It's a game show.

He's been named to host "The Joker's Wild".  It's a reboot of the old show.

You may remember the game show from the 1970s and also the 1980s.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood bumped into Snoop when he was in New Orleans for the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game a few years ago.

Back then, Snoop wanted to make sure Wild Bill knew that Snoop Dogg would rather be known as Snoop Lion.

Now, he'll be host of "The Joker's Wild" launched a little later this year by TBS.

It will be a half hour show just like the original.  It will have new games. It will be totally in the style of Snoop.

That means this Snoop-ified version of "The Joker's Wild" will be set in a casino.  His own Snoop casino.  It will have a big slot machine just like the slot machine from the original show when the host was Jack Barry. Remember Jack Barry?

The new show with Snoop Dogg as host will have games that replace the trivia games from the old show. Some of the new games will have giant dice, big playing cards, questions you might hear when you're out and about on the street.  And contestants will have to solve problems.

The show will have Snoop Dogg as a producer. And also producing will be Michael Strahan from ABC's "Good Morning America".

Snoop says "The Joker's Wild" was his favorite game show growing up.