Pizza and the Playbook: Travis Jewett

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New Orleans -- This week on Pizza and the Playbook, Tulane Head Baseball Coach, Travis Jewett joins Karen Loftus at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen to talk about his first DI Head Coaching job, moving all over the country, and how the letter “T” may be his family’s favorite letter.

KL: “You are in your first season coaching Tulane’s baseball team—first head coaching job at a DI school. What’s been the biggest change for you?”

TJ: "Tulane Head Baseball Coach, “You know I think just being the final decision maker. You’re overseeing everything.”

KL: “You’ve had the pleasure and privilege of coaching a lot of very talented players over the years that are working their way through the minor league ranks and are even in the big leagues now. How neat is that for you as a coach to see where they are and know that you were a part of that process?”

TJ:“It gives me two things—a smile and chills when you say that so I appreciate you recognizing that. But I really take zero credit. The thing that makes you feel probably the best of all of it is the card, the hand written note, the text.”

KL: “Your road to Tulane has taken you sort of all over the country. You’re from Washington, you’ve been to Arizona, Tennessee, now you’re in Louisiana. Do you feel like you’re a pretty adaptable person having lived all over and coached all over?”

TJ: “Absolutely. The people that are more adaptable than even I would be my wife Tracy and my sons Tanner and Tommy.”

KL: “You mention your family and all of their names. Let’s talk about that for a second. All of them start with the letter ‘T’ including yourself and now you’re at Tulane. What’s it with the letter ‘T’.?”

TJ: “It’s our favorite letter.”

KL: “Apparently!”

TJ: “No, to be honest with you, not even planned. Wasn’t even thought out.”

KL: “So this wasn’t a discussion like, ‘OK Tracy, you’re a ‘T’ I’m a ‘T’, let’s keep it going?”

TJ: “No. Here we are with 4 ‘T’s really not even trying and then add the Tulane to it and we’re 5 for 5.”

KL: ”Last question—we’ve got some delicious looking pizza in front of us. What’s your favorite type of pizza?”

TJ: “I’d probably say Canadian bacon, pineapple or maybe a supreme.”

KL: “Sounds good to me! Thanks so much for taking some time with us.”

TJ: “I appreciate your time. Thanks for covering us.”

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