How do you SPELL success? For one eighth grader, it’s her name spelled T-I-E-N

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NEW ORLEANS - She's already number one in New Orleans. And now she's on her way to Washington, DC to compete against kids who are number one from across the country.

She's Tien Nguyen.  And she's number one at spelling in New Orleans.  She won the contest in New Orleans.

She's one of Wild Bill's Amazing Kids, brought to you by your friends at Best Chevrolet.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood asks Tien if she's just naturally a good speller.

Tien says "no."

Is spelling her favorite subject?

The answer again is "no."

It's reading. That's her favorite subject.

That's probably why Tien Nguyen's reading teacher is also her spelling coach. It's a necessity for Tien because spelling does not come naturally to her.

Good coach. Good player. That's what gets you on the road to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC. That happens on Sunday, May 28.

The word that got Tien there is "duende."

What's the definition of "duende"? It's a noun.  And it means, a quality or passion and inspiration.  It means having a great spirit for something.

In a sentence, you could say that Tien Nguyen has a "duende" for spelling and that's why she's headed to Washington, DC, to represent the city of New Orleans.

Tien and her family moved from Vietnam when she was just six months old. She's always been a good student and plans to continue her studies at college.

What kind of career is Tien thinking about?

She wants to be a doctor, she says.

Now that really does spell success.