Another monument gone but the controversy remains

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NEW ORLEANS -- The Jefferson Davis monument is now gone, but removing the base of the statue is posing some trouble for workers. Regardless, it’s a big move for both sides involved in the Confederate debacle.

"This is the culmination of six decades of struggle here in this city and we are so proud to have all of you out with us here tonight," says one Take Em’ Down NOLA protester.

"You cannot oppress our heritage," says another protester who wants the statues to stay.

As the fighting continues, a large crowd of Take Em' Down NOLA protesters were present for Thursday's historic moment.

“Hey white supremacy ain't tryna talk to ya, I'm gonna knock that statue down with my Altima," says a Take Em’ Down NOLA protester.

That sentiment is echoed and spearheaded by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

"This historic moment is an opportunity to join together as one city and redefine our future," he tweeted.

Work crews removed the Jefferson Davis monument in less than an hour with a commanding police force in place just in case.


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