Air quality alert in effect through midnight

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NEW ORLEANS — If you have respiratory problems, you may want to limit your time outdoors.

An Air Quality Alert has been in effect the past few days during the afternoon hours, and is once again in effect through midnight Tuesday, due to increased levels of ozone. The levels are in the orange range, which according to the National Weather Service means high enough to cause respiratory problems for elderly, young children, and people with conditions such as asthma.

This alert happens most often during summer months, or when high pressure systems stack themselves through the atmosphere, which prevent air from circulating effectively enough to keep ozone levels down. We will see high pressure break down by Thursday, allowing for more of a breeze and likely the end of these afternoon alerts.

The National Weather Service recommends you make sure your gas cap is tight on your vehicles, and to wait until after 6 PM to use gas powered lawn equipment or refuel your vehicle. For more information on Ozone, click here.

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