Inmate and teenager booked in contraband investigation

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THIBODAUX, LA — The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office says two people were arrested and accused of trying to bring drugs and other items into the parish jail.

Deputies say one of the people booked was already an inmate and the other was an accomplice outside of the facility.

The investigation started when a broken window was discovered on one of the jail’s cell blocks.  Outside the jail, deputies say they found a string extending from the broken window to the outside razor wire along the jail’s perimeter fence.  Tied to the end of the string, they say, was a sock that was snagged in the razor wire.

They say inmate Philip Green tied a long string, perhaps made of unraveled strands of a towel, to a battery and threw it over the fence where his accused accomplice, 19-year-old Deja Smith, tied the sock onto the string so Green could retrieve it through the broken window.

But the sock didn’t make it past the razor wire.  Inside the sock, deputies say they found smoking tobacco, a disposable lighter, and what they believe to be several grams of marijuana.

According to deputies, Green was already facing drugs, weapons, and other charges including a parole violaton.  Now he’s also booked with attempted possession of marijuana, taking contraband to a penal institution, and simple criminal damage to property.  Because of the previous parole violation, he continues to be held without bond.

His accused accomplice, Deja Smith, was booked with principal to distribution of marijuana and taking contraband to a penal institution.  She was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

The sheriff’s office says the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are possible.  Click on the photo gallery below to get a better look at the evidence as well as the suspects’ mug shots.

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