Hollywood South News with Jabari: Will the next ‘Star Wars’ film in Mississippi?

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NEW ORLEANS -- Rumors have been floating online about the next installment of the Star Wars will film in Mississippi. Turns out the information is false.

We reached out to the Mississippi Gulf Coast film office and they replied, "It's a fake news website."

Hollywood South goes green! 

“The “Ecoluxe” is a star in it’s own right.  It’s taking environmental friendliness and luxury to new heights.

“There’s no toxic paint used in this entire unit.  All of the lights are LED,” he said.

In the past, talent trailers ran entirely on generators, but not the solar and thermal powered “Ecoluxe”.  A generator is only necessary for an hour maximum, in order for the truck to recharge.

‘The change is dramatic in terms of energy consumption,”  Champagne said.

These trailers are full of amenities for their rich and famous clientele.

“DirecTV, Apple Extreme, high-speed internet, and the TV serves as an I-mac computer,”  he said.

Champagne knows celebrities need a comfortable place to stay while they are filming movies and TV shows.

“All you really want at the end of the day is for someone to enjoy it, like it, and say this is amazing.”

Hollywood Trucks operate in both Louisiana and Georgia.

Hollywood Trucks was developed in Louisiana back in 2007.  Champagne is a Louisiana native.

Plans are in the works to expand to Los Angeles, Texas, and London.

For more information:  www.hollywoodtrucksllc.com and 1-888-987-8252.



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