G’s Pizza offers up Mediterranean, Italian and other favorites

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If you end up near the intersection of Bienville Street and City Park Avenue, there is a neighborhood joint that offers up Italian and Mediterranean favorites along with poboys, wraps, salads and even a loaded burger. That place is called G's Pizza and the odds are that if you are hungry they have something to satisfy your appetite.

G's is billed as a pizza place. They offer up a variety of the usual favorites plus specialty pies and can even do vegan pizzas. We tried G's Margherita pizza along with specialty pies like the Rainbow and the Narcissist. All of the pizzas were great. All had crispy crusts and fresh ingredients. My favorite was the Narcissist. This is a white pizza that has a butter and garlic sauce. It is topped with a hearty amount of mozzarella, artichoke, roasted garlic, pineapple, cilantro, basil and crushed red pepper. The flavors are light and vibrant. As someone who prefers meat on their pie, I was blown away by just how good this pizza was. G tells me that if you aren't a fan of the white pizza, you can surely substitute a tomato sauce instead.

G offered up two signature sandwiches, the Chicken Pesto poboy and the NOLA Heat poboy. The NOLA Heat is G's take on a Buffalo Chicken sandwich. The Chicken Pesto is a G's specialty. Both poboys were really good, and G says that if you would like to go a little lighter any of his poboys are also available as wraps. Speaking of lighter fare, G's offers up great salads and an appetizer that might just be the healthiest cheese stick you've ever tried. G's Feta Rolls are a combination of mozzarella and feta rolled in filo dough and baked in the oven. They come out brown and crispy and are filled with gooey cheesy goodness.

G may be operating a restaurant that specializes in Italian and Mediterranean fare, but he also has an impressive burger on the menu. It is called G's Famous Burger and it is loaded. This half-pound burger is topped with a blend of cheeses, a fried egg, carmelized onions and is finished with a generous amount of G's Special Sauce. The burger was quite good. Word of warning, it has a lot of stuff on it so eating it could get a bit messy. The flavors were great. I loved the egg and the special sauce gave it a little extra zing. G's the home of Italian Mediterranean and who knew, burgers too.

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