Soggy Sunday at Jazz Fest

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NEW ORLEANS- New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest was delayed this afternoon to compensate for all the rain that we experienced earlier today, but gates did officially open at 3 this afternoon.  Not all the stages were open,and some acts canceled including Pitbull.

The thunder rolled and the rain drops fell heavily.  So heavy that Jazz Fest was delayed until further notice.

"I was pretty bummed that I couldn't go to Jazz Fest today.  The rain ruined my plans for that.  It just gets so muddy and wet, and I don't want to ruin my shoes", Justin Brauher said.

The Fairgrounds were deserted today, with only birds in sight and Jazz Fest workers hunkered down.

Jazz Fest fans although feeling gloomy about today's weather say there's nothing they really can do about mother nature's doom, but take it in stride.

Jazz Fest spokespeople say for the latest weather updates, check their Facebook and Twitter pages.