What would Sean Payton be doing if he weren’t coaching the Saints?

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NEW ORLEANS -- It's not often you get to see Saints Head Coach Sean Payton away from the locker room, the sidelines, or the post-game press conference microphone.

The beloved coach sat down with WGNO's Meghan Kluth recently for a one-on-one interview and got candid on lots of topics. Watch parts one and two here and here.

Here's what Payton had to say for part three:

Meghan Kluth: Tom Brady says he can play until 45. Drew Brees says he can keep playing until he's 45. How long do you think you can continue to keep coaching, especially in an environment like New Orleans?

Sean Payton: Great question. Number one, those two guys are unique fantastic athletes, and I don't doubt that those guys are going to continue to play real good football at a high level. From a coaching standpoint, I know that I don't even look at anytime soon as when I'm finished coaching. I find myself more drawn to it 10 years in than maybe in year one just coming and getting your first job. Part of that is tied to success. When you've tasted it and you've had it, man, you are addicted to finding that again.

MK: If you weren't coaching, what else would you be doing? And you can't say quarterback for the 1987 Bears.

SP: No. That's a great question. I probably would be teaching. I think we're teachers.

MK: What subject?

SP: I think it just stops at teaching because I wasn't a great student. I would've had to rethink this. Maybe television and covering sports.

MK: You're coming for my job.

SP: Your job. Yeah, your job.

MK: Great!

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