One on one with Sean Payton: Coach gets candid on calling New Orleans home

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METAIRIE, La. -- Sean Payton arrived in New Orleans fresh off the heels of Hurricane Katrina.

At a time when most were leaving the city, he was trying to make a name for himself.

Payton got candid with WGNO's Meghan Kluth recently about being a New Orleans transplant. He also dished on what he thinks are the most common misconceptions about Sean Payton.

Here's the interview:

Meghan Kluth: You're in your 11th year in New Orleans. At what point did you decide this was really home and not just where you were working?

Sean Payton: I'll still have someone say, 'Do you like it here? Do you call it home?' I'm like, well, where else is home? I live here. I own a home here! I think this city is unique, though, where in your early years here you do feel like part of the minority, you do feel like this is a city where most of the people here are from here.

MK: What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions people here in New Orleans have of you?

SP: Well, I think one of them is maybe, you know, how I deal with the media and part of that is for your team. Part of that is not allow some of those distractions to pull or fragment the team, and so you know you're always mindful of the boundaries. You know, they don't ask after games if a camera can be in the locker room, they tell you, 'Hey the camera is going in the locker room,' and there's times where there's certain things that you want captured just for your team.

MK: Where do you like to go when you don't want to be seen?

SP: I don't ever feel that sense where I don't want to be seen, you know, it's just a little easier in this city to go sit and eat, and I think part of that is our proximity and our closeness here, It's not like we disappear in to these private communities, you know, we live here.