New Orleans Musical Families: Kidd Jordan

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NEW ORLEANS - Legendary musician Edward "Kidd" Jordan grew up in Crowley, Louisiana, the “Rice Capital of Louisiana,” where the local saying is “Life is Rice and Easy.”

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Jordan is best known for playing music in the Big Easy, though, where he has also started one of the city’s best-known musical families.

"I wouldn't trade that little town for nothing in the world," Jordan said of Crowley.

Jordan, who says he took inspiration from his large family, started playing saxophone when his mother bought him his first one to help him work past asthma.

"Maybe I wanted to play so bad, the asthma just turned me loose and said let him go," Jordan said.

Jordan became the first in his family to go to college when he enrolled at Southern in Baton Rouge, and he eventually settled down to start his own family.

Kidd can play anything, but his favorite style is best described as free.

"I believe in creating on the spot,” he said. "If you can make that sound with your voice, then you can make it with your horn. If I hear a dog scream I can get it."

In his words, music is a development, and in a sense, so is family.

"Get out of the way for practice time, somebody over here, somebody over there,” Jordan said. “It’s a hectic situation, but we made it."

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