WGNO takes to the skies with the air show’s Black Daggers

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WGNO - Our staff went behind the scenes with the Black Daggers, the parachute demonstration team who literally fall out of the sky at 120 miles per hour.

Here's the interview:

"My name is Travis Alfred. I’m the team leader for the US Army Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration team, The Black Daggers. I exit the aircraft but you don’t get the stomach, moving of the stomach sensation that you would get on a roller coaster or anything else, so it’s just really windy when you exit the aircraft," says Alfred.

"My name is Sergeant First class Chance Carico. I have approximately 570 jumps. I’m based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I’m representing the USOC Parachute Demonstration Team. When we exit the altitudes we exit from the altitude is normally 8 and 12 feet, possibly lower. You don’t really hear anything because of the aircraft and the wind. But as you get down to around 1500  to a thousand feet, you definitely hear the crowd and the motivation of the crowds and the crowd cheering as we come in," says Carico.

"My name is Staff Sgt. Sean O’Toole. I’m based out of Fort Bragg North Carolina. I have approximately 2900 free fall parachute jumps. You can expect to see thrills and spills and fast moving parachutes. All safe and coordinated. You will see people falling at 120 miles per hour parachutes opening up. And smoke grenades on their feet so you can see the red smoke against the white backdrop of the crowds. We will be landing within 50 feet of our target. But we aim to please. So we will try to actually land directly perfectly on target and show center," says O'Toole.

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