Black Daggers Special ops team visits John Ehret High School

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Students at John Ehret High School received a special visit during lunch Thursday afternoon. The U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team, also known as the Black Daggers, visited with students to educate students on what their special ops team is all about.

Teens got a chance to see how a parachute is folded up, and how they're deployed when they're in the air.

The Black Daggers use the military variant of ram-air parachutes, which allows a free fall parachutist to jump more than 100 pounds of additional equipment.

Their diverse backgrounds represent various ARSOF elements including Rangers, Special Forces, psychological operations, civil affairs, and support.

On average, more than 5,500 ARSOF Soldiers are deployed to about 50 countries on any given day.

You can watch the Black Daggers perform at the New Orleans Airshow this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

The Soldiers will perform a maneuver in which they'll jump out of an aircraft from above, and parachute down. On the way to the ground, they will purposefully smash into each other, climb down the lines, and hook up and spread an 800 square foot American Flag.

Twist Reporter Jabari Thomas poses with the Black Daggers