The Promise Plan: Southeastern sweetens tuition deal for 2017 incoming freshmen

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HAMMOND, La. -- Southeastern Louisiana University has unveiled a pretty sweet deal for the incoming freshman class of 2018.

Called the Promise Plan, the university has vowed that any freshman who opts in to the program and takes 30-plus credit hours per year will not be subject to any potential tuition increases each year, regardless of how the state will fund the university.

Southeastern is the first school in Louisiana to offer this program, and officials hope it will not only increase enrollment, but graduation rates as well.

John Crain, the school's president, said these days, students willing to learn need a helping hand.


"It gives them a little bit of certainty in a world of a lot of uncertainty," he said. "There's a lot of uncertainty out there for students.  They don't know what tops is going to be they don't know whether we are going to have tuition and fee increases in the future or not.  So I think it will be very popular and they will be very excited about it.  I hope so any anyway!."

Since 2009, tuition has risen a whopping 138 percent.

The program will only be offered to freshmen starting this fall.

The school takes on a big responsibility, because it will use a self-generated scholarship to help fund the program. But the school may benefit with more funds from the state if more students graduate and performance ratings improve.

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