First depression of the year forms in the Atlantic Ocean

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While hurricane season officially does not begin until June 1st, the Tropical Atlantic is getting off to an early start this year as Sub-Tropical Depression 1 formed early Wednesday morning.

The area was under investigation Tuesday as an area of storms and circulation that could have the potential for development. The classification ‘sub-tropical’ means it has some characteristics of both a tropical cyclone and a non-tropical cyclone. Essentially, it is a large area of rotating, disorganized storminess, producing strong winds and high seas.

It is located half way between the Azores and Bermuda, and will wobble around the Central Atlantic before moving northward over the next few days. Strengthening of this depression is not expected at this time. Had it continued to strengthen, it would have been classified as Sub-Tropical Storm Arlene.

The depression is expected to move over colder waters and experience greater sheer as it continues to eventually move north over the next 48 hours. By Friday, the depression will most likely be absorbed into a non-tropical low pressure system and associated cold front that is currently moving over the northern Atlantic.

Courtesy: NOAA

This is a good reminder that even though hurricane season has not officially begun, it is a good idea to go ahead and have your hurricane plan ready. By having your plan ready in advance, you can avoid mistakes that can happen by needing to evacuate in a rush.

The calendar hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th. The first named storm of the season (which can develop at any time, not just between these dates) will be named Arlene.

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