Louisiana SPCA: Stick to chocolate bunnies this Easter

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NEW ORLEANS – Everybody loves chocolate bunnies for Easter, but real rabbits are often more than their new owners can handle.

The Louisiana SPCA has taken in more than 80 rabbits over the past two years, mostly from well-intentioned people who did not do their homework before buying a real bunny for their child’s Easter basket.

“Rabbits can be a wonderful companion animal in the right home, but we often see impulse purchases of bunnies and chicks this time of year,” Louisiana SPCA CEO Ana Zorrilla said. “The Louisiana SPCA encourages parents to take a moment and consider the realities of living with a rabbit before making that important decision to bring one into your home.”

Rabbits can live up to 15 years and often require more love and attention than a dog or cat, Zorrilla said in a press release.

Bunnies need to be spayed or neutered like their feline and canine pals, and homes need to be extensively “bunny-proofed” to protect everything from electrical cords to furniture from little nibbles.

Rabbits are also easily frightened and very delicate, making them susceptible to injury from children of all ages, according to the Louisiana SPCA.

“When it comes to Easter bunnies, the Louisiana SPCA encourages you to go chocolate or plush!” Zorrilla said. “Marshmallow chicks are also a great substitute for real chicks.”