New brewery opens up in the Marigny

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NEW ORLEANS;La-- Brieux Carré is made up of a couple of guys with a passion for all things beer and a brewery pup named Barley who keeps them company.

Robert Bostick and Taylor Pellerin met three years ago at a beer festival. Each brought their own home-brewed craft beers, and by the end of the night they were combining mugs. The rest is history.

With a laissez faire approach to brewing, they hope to embody the New Orleans spirit.

"We want our brews to be as weird and interesting as the city we live in," said Bostick."While we will always have a variety of brews on tap to suit every type of craft beer drinker, it's our goal to challenge ourselves and bring new recipes to the taproom every week."

Bostick started brewing his own beer in college when he first discovered craft beer and the effects it had on his wallet.

"If you do the math, I was spending about $8 a six-pack, and if I made it myself I was spending $3."

The duo began brewing to save some beer money, and now they're sharing their beer with Nola.

Brieux Carre, located at 2115 Decatur just steps from Frenchmen, is1,100 square feet, with a bar area that is 390 square feet. There is also a patio out back that can seat 50 people who want to enjoy a experimental Bostick and Pellerin. All beer is brewed on site.

Brieux Carre officially opens April 1.