Challenge accepted: Curt Sprang vs. ‘The Big Band’

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COVINGTON, La. - News with a Twist co-host Curt Sprang has been challenged, and there's no amount of hot-dogging that will get him out of it.

Rob's Rockin' Dogs in Covington features a monster hot dog called "The Big Band." It's a 15-inch, 1.5-pound hot dog topped with two pounds of jalepenos, sauteed peppers and onions, chili, mustard, coleslaw, tomatoes and shredded cheese.

The current record-holder ate the whole thing in four minutes and 57 seconds.

Our own Curt Sprang will try to beat that record Friday afternoon.

Stop by Rockin' Dogs to cheer him on, or check back with News with a Twist Friday night to see how he did!

"The Big Band"