What New Orleans learned from Fashion Week

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NEW ORLEANS - Earlier this month, New Orleans Fashion Week 2017 featured some of the most creative and talented regional designers in the fashion world.  Fashion Week producer Katy Sandusky shared some of the trends that hit the runway on News with a Twist.

Designers are now catering to the modern woman—realizing that she comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.  The reason that you only see tall, slender women on the runway, Sandusky says, is because that they are wearing what is called a sample size, which traditionally is a size 0.  However, the cut of the fabric and silhouettes are really flattering to all shapes.

There is also more versatility in clothing. Designers are now breaking down boundaries between day wear and evening wear. Today’s modern woman wants to invest in clothing that they can wear to the office and then out to dinner.

“New Orleans is a casual town, and you don’t want too much bling on an outfit that you would only wear to Mardi Gras,” says Sandusky.

There can be a balance of both that can work for everyone.