Kristie Yamaguchi tweets Nancy Kerrigan “Break a Leg”

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Olympic medalist Kristi Yamaguchi had an "insert foot into mouth" moment on twitter.  Fellow Olympian Nancy Kerrigan is a contestant on the current season of "Dancing With The Stars,"
Yamaguchi also competed on the t-v show and she sent Kerrigan a supportive tweet.
It said, "so excited for you, can't wait to see you grace that ballroom floor."  But it was the closing remark that lit up the internet. Yamaguchi concluded with, "Break a leg!"

That can read like poor advice for a skater who was hit in the knee with a baton by a henchman associated with rival Tonya Harding. The famous attack happened just before the 1994 Olympics as Kerrigan was leaving her practice rink in Detroit.

But the medalist took her colleague's comment in stride. In the digital equivalent of a wink and smile, she tweeted back a thank you.