Blue crab creates a seafood greatest hits on the lakefront

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When it comes to enjoying some great seafood dishes from New Orleans' past under one roof, there is a place on the lakefront that is putting all the classics in one place plus much more. That place is the Blue Crab and the menu is seafood favorites and iconic classic dishes. Owner, Nick Asprodites II tells us that his mission for the Blue Crab's menu was to take classic New Orleans seafood dishes and his personal favorites and roll them together in one menu. Asprodites says having a great relationship with his vendors is just one of the keys to maintaining quality at a seafood restaurant. He also says being very specific in the type of seafood they want also ensures their commitment to quality.

One example of those quality seafood dishes is the fried shrimp platter at Blue Crab. This plate comes with butterflied "nine to twelve count" shrimp lightly breaded and fried golden brown with a heaping serving of fresh-cut french fries with Tarter Sauce and lemon to garnish. These shrimp are plump and flavorful. The breading is crisp, which Asprodites says comes from frying them in cottonseed oil. He says it gets good and hot and really works well for frying seafood.

Our second dish was also shrimp with a much different approach. BBQ Shrimp is certainly an iconic New Orleans dish. Many places have put their twist on this dish and the Blue Crab is no different. They take more of those huge "nine to twelve count" shrimp and prepare them in the shell with a really tangy, earthy sauce. I would not compare this sauce to the Pascal's Manale BBQ Shrimp, and why would you. There are distinct differences. The BBQ Shrimp at Blue Crab are really well done. They peel out of the shell really well. The sauce starts with a slight punch and then a rich, earthy, smooth flavor washes over your taste buds. Blue Crab's BBQ Shrimp are served over a bed of coarse grits. These coarse greats really hold up well to the BBQ sauce. The fine folks at the Blue Crab also serve up a cheddar and garlic biscuit on the side to sop up that delicious sauce with.

There really is no limit to the seafood at Blue Crab. If you want it fried, you got it. Want it boiled, done. There are oysters on the half shell and of course there are those "hits" laced throughout the Blue Crab's menu. So if you end up at the lakefront, and want to take a culinary stroll down memory lane. Hit the Blue Crab for the greatest hits of New Orleans seafood.

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