‘Sacred and Sinful’ explores its influence on our music

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NEW ORLEANS- This week we got a chance to catch up with New Orleans music historian and master clarinetist Dr. Michael White, and he shared with us his joy at this weekend's performance and discussion on how our spiritual beliefs impacted our music.

White says, "I'm very happy about Sunday coming.  We have a very special program at Xavier University, part of our culture of New Orleans series it's called 'The Sacred and the Sinful,' and it's about hymns and blues in New Orleans jazz. Both blues and hymns come from the same source in terms of musical characteristics and vocal characteristics.  So things like bent tones, vibratos, shouts call and response that you see in both traditions actually had origins in the slave work song."


The Sacred and the Sinful performance and lecture is Sunday at 2pm at the Xavier University Student Center.  Admission is free.