How one family is coping a month after tornado

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- March 7th of this year started a lot like February 7th.  The sky was overcast, and rain was on the way, however over the next several hours the lives of over 1000 residents and businesses in New Orleans East would suffer the worst tornado on record to hit Orleans Parish.

It's a miracle that no lives were lost, but a month later a lot of the damage still sits along Chef Menteur Hwy., and the neighborhoods of that corridor.  Victoria Guidry took us back to that day.  Her kids were in school, she was at work, but her husband was home.

Victoria Guidry speaks about her damaged home in New Orleans (WGNO-TV)

Guidry says,"We had just hung up the phone and he called right back and told me that the house was gone. Literally within 2 minutes it was over."

Today we saw crews working to repair power lines and streets, and some folks even worked on their homes.  The Guidrys don't have the good fortune of working on their home, in fact, it had to be demolished.

Damaged home in New Orleans East (WGNO-TV March 2, 2017)

Guidry told us, "At first we thought it was just roof damage. but once we got in and was able to see we were able to tell that the whole house was lifted and there was maybe a 5 or 6 inch gap between the actual floor and the house."

Damaged home in New Orleans East (WGNO-TV March 2, 2017)

Work crews repairing power lines in New Orleans East (WGNO-TV March 7, 2017)

Both of the Guidrys are public servants with two 12 year old boys; she says they're adjusting well and the next step is working to rebuild.  It's a process that this family understands will take time and patience.

"Now that everything has calmed down, we'll be able to start that portion. The hardest part was was trying to get somewhere to live on such a short notice," she says.