‘Gothy mommy with 4 eyes’: Craigslist Mardi Gras missed connections don’t disappoint

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – “Gothy mommy with 4 eyes … You skull danced with my snake. I was wearing a neon body suit. Can we dance some more?”

So, the party may be over, but what if someone cute caught your eye while you were catching beads?

We searched the missed connections on Craigslist and found a few gems.

This one is from a woman looking for a man with whom she shared a kiss. The man was in the Chewbacchus parade, and the kiss, well, it almost made her fall to her feet.

“I gently touched your shoulder, and you turned around and through your mask, our eyes met,” she wrote. “It was instant, that feeling of two lines crossing. I pointed sweetly to my cheek, as an altar graciously asking to be blessed. Just a kiss on the cheek. To my astonishment, you stopped. Fully stopped. And the most beautiful grin crossed your face along with a sly shake of your head, as you removed your mask, pulled me close, and brought me into the center of the parade with you, kissing me hard and deep. The crowd erupted as I was pulled with the movement of the parade.”



And last but not least, there’s the guy who twerked with his missed connection at Krewe de Vieux, then took a PBR from her friend and “vanished.”

“You were the girl in the gold body suit wearing a rainbow wig. You touched me,” he wrote. “I was the older guy who ran into you again a bit later. I should have taken you up on spending a bit more time. Instead, I took the PBR your friend offered and vanished … sorry.”

Are you gothy mommy with 4 eyes? Or gold body suit in the rainbow wig? Your maybe-soulmate awaits!