New beach coming soon to Mandeville lakefront

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MANDEVILLE, La. (WGNO) - If you're cruising along the lakefront in Mandeville, you may notice major construction on a new beach.

The beach is being built at a park on Lakeshore Drive and Jackson Avenue, where lots of people flock to every weekend to enjoy the scenic Lake Pontchartrain, walking path, trees and other attractions.

Truck loads of sand - about 13,500 cubic yards - are being hauled in, and Mandeville Mayor Donald Villere said he hopes to have a grand opening for the beach in about a week.

"Mandeville was always a beach-side community, and the seawall kind of took away that beach area," Villere said. "We can put some sand in here, bring the beach back and give these kids a little bit more of something to play with. It's a beautiful day. It is beautiful weather, great weather to build a beach right."