Stuffed raccoon becomes Mardi Gras superstar

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — With the high crime rate that plagues our city, New Orleans police often get a bad wrap.  However, no one can argue with how well they handle major events.

When it comes to the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, NBA All Star, even a visit from the pope, our men and women in blue are absolute pros.  They can wrangle an influx of visitors a million strong without batting an eyelash.

14 darn fine #nopd members right there. #nola #mardigras

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They also have fun while they’re at it!

All along parade routes, we’ve seen cops grilling, dancing and now, even bringing along friends from the beyond the grave.  “Officer Terry” and his buddy “Sylvester Raccoon” are quickly becoming carnival season celebrities.

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The taxidermied raccoon hasn’t been on the job long, but already he’s ridden with the mounted division, attended roll call, worked the parade routes and snapped pictures with dozens of (inebriated) revelers.  Oh, and did we mention, he does so while wearing an NOPD uniform?

Keep up the good work, Terry and Sylvester.  And thanks for making us smile!

Love seeing my friends on the route! #nopd #mardigras #nola

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