Pup News: Meet Aspin

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Aspin is a 37 pound, American Staffordshire Terrier Mix that came to the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter as a stray.  He is so wiggly and cute.  Volunteers say that he is sweet and good on a leash.  He is good with other dogs at the shelter.  He is a love bug and will fall asleep as you rub his belly.

 He spent some time up front as an office dog, and they said, "He is very friendly with other dogs He just wants to be loved and petted. He let us pick him up with no problem. He likes to be held now and is very sweet. He is excited to see everyone in the front office. If he could greet people at the counter he would, but he is too short."

He also spent some time in a home as part of their R&R program. They said, "Aspin is an angel! He was polite to our small dog (15 lbs) when we introduced them on neutral territory. We took them to a gated garden to run around and he had so much fun exploring! They get along really well so he'd do great in a home with another dog. He doesn't mind being picked up and loves getting his belly rubbed. He takes treats really gently from your hand. We are loving having him stay with us! He snuggled up with us all night and slept in the bed with us. We only heard him bark one time the entire night. We gave him a bath and he didn't mind at all, no fussing or anything."

Aspin also spent some time visiting a preschool where he was perfectly behaved.

The Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter adoption fee is $67. The adoption fee includes vaccinations, mandatory spay/neuter, heartworm test, and microchip.

To find if this dog is still available for adoption, please stop by the shelter.

Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter - Eastbank
1 Humane Way, Harahan, LA 70123
(504) 736-6111
Email: jpasadoptEB@gmail.com to adopt
Email: jpasfosterEB@gmail.com to foster

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