Lucky 10-year-old finds sweet surprise inside Nyx purse

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Wednesday night, Nyx riders threw hundreds of decorated purses, but not many like the one 10-year-old Duris Lee Holmes caught.

Duris, a student at St. Dominic School, was with his family and caught what he thought was a just an everyday Nyx purse.

Duris Lee Holmes

Duris Lee Holmes

The rider who threw it really wanted him to pick it up. When Duris looked inside, he found out why.

"I was yelling for a bag for my beads, and she threw me this purse," Duris said. "She said, ‘Get that! Open it!’ So I opened it, and I was just surprised."

Inside the purse was a note and a crisp $100 bill.

"Look inside of your purse," the note said. "This has nothing to do with Nyx specifically. This is someone I wanted to do for someone that catches this purse. If you catch it, please pay it forward. Happy Mardi Gras."

The rider was on Float 40, but Duris has no idea who she was. Does anyone out there know? We'd love to find out!

So, how is Duris going to pay it forward?

"I'm going to spend some of it on the people who are hungry, I’m going to get them a meal," he said. "And I’m going to donate some to a hospital, and my school does Helpers for Haiti to help people in need … because they had a terrible earthquake."

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