King Cake of the day: Shaya

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New Orleans (WGNO) - Leading up to Mardi Gras, we're showing you all the King Cake hotspots and it's up to you to choose the best one!

If you're in the mood for both a traditional American Jewish dessert and a Mardi Gras treat, Shaya has got you covered.

This cinnamon babka king cake with cinnamon streusel and salted caramel is one of a kind! Babka dough is made and spread with a rich cinnamon filling, with flavors like cocoa, ground up gingersnaps, coriander, and fennel seed. The baked babka is then coated with spiced streusel and glazed with salted caramel.

You'll find a plastic figurine atop this king cake, but probably not the one you were expecting. "We wanted to do something that had an especially Shaya touch so instead of doing the baby figurine we're doing an enamel pomegranate."