Twist team sends Haydel’s king cakes to sister stations in LA, Memphis, Seattle

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The News with a Twist team wanted to spread the love this Mardi Gras season, so we sent Haydel’s king cakes to our sister stations across the country.

The Haydel’s King of Carnival King Cake Package included a parade guide, beads, chicory coffee, a CD of classic Mardi Gras songs, and a classic king cake.

The news team at KTLA seemed to enjoy the delicious Carnival treat, even though anchor Frank Buckley ate his slice with a fork and knife.

"Will I look like Bill Deblasio eating this with a fork and knife?" Buckley asked.

Not exactly, but you certainly won't look like a local, Frank.

The WREG team in Memphis recorded an extensive Facebook live as they fully explored everything that was in the Haydel’s delivery box.

George Brown broke down the king cake traditions, while Tim Simpson, who initially thought the “king” in the tasty treat’s name referred to Elvis, ended up enjoying his slice of king cake.

Brown quipped that the king cake was filled with peanut butter and banana, but, in reality, it was a plain cinnamon king cake.

“Tastes like Cinnabun,” Simpson said.

The Q13 team in Seattle, led by social media editor Travis Mayfield, couldn’t say enough good things about their king cake.

Anchors Bill Wixey and Liz Dueweke couldn’t get enough king cake, which was all right with Wixey since he said they all needed to “fatten up” for Fat Tuesday.

Thanks to the KTLA, WREG, and Q13 teams for sending back video of their king cake tastings, and especially to Haydel’s for shipping king cakes across the country for us!

Watch the full segments from all three stations below: