North Gwinnett’s Brace throws perfect game, here’s results and schedule from WGNO Baseball Classic

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Here’s the Thursday and Friday results in the 4th annual WGNO baseball classic, and the schedule for Saturday. For Saturday games, Admission is $7 for adult, and $4 for students.

Thursday February 23rd

at Chalmette High School

Rummel 3, Chalmette 0

Franklinton 8, Chalmette 5

at Kirsch-Rooney Stadium/Delgado Community College

Jesuit 8, Ponchatoula 3

Benton 17, Ponchatoula 8

at RBI Field Wesley Barrow

Riverside 8, Fontainebleau 4

Brother Martin 9, West Ouachita 8

at Archbishop Shaw

Ruston 2, St Paul’s  0

Ruston 11, Shaw   5

Friday February 24th

at Chalmette High School

Benton  16, Chalmette 1  (Final/6 innings)

Rummel  4, Benton   3

at Kirsch-Rooney/Delgado Community College

West Ouachita 10, Franklinton  3

Jesuit   3, West Ouachita   1

at Segnette Field

Riverside 11, Shaw 10  (Final/8 innings) – Riverside trailed 7-0

at RBI Field Wesley Barrow

Brother Martin 11, Ruston  1

Brother Martin 4, Ponchatoula 3

at St Paul’s School/Covington

North Gwinnett  11, Fontainebleau   0 (Final/6 innings)

North Gwinnett   15,  St Paul’s   0   (Final/6 innings)

In the second game, North Gwinnett’s Jake Brace throws a 6 inning perfect game, striking out 12. He is a Georgia Tech signee. His father Rob, is the North Gwinnett pitching coach. He calls the pitches.

Saturday February 25th

at Chalmette High School

9:00 am Shaw vs Fontainebleau

11:30 am Shaw vs Chalmette

at Segnette Field

9:00 am Benton vs Riverside

11:30 am Rummel vs Ruston

2:00 pm  Rummel vs Riverside

at RBI Field Wesley Barrow

9:00 am Brother Martin vs North Gwinnett

11:30 am Jesuit vs North Gwinnett

2:00 pm Jesuit vs Fontainebleau

at St Paul’s School/Covington

9:00 am St Paul’s vs West Ouachita

11:00 am St Paul’s vs Franklinton

2:00 pm  Ponchatoula vs Franklinton