Team Gleason steps up to rebuild flood-ravaged ALS patient’s home in Baton Rouge

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BATON ROUGE (WGNO) - Our favorite fighter, Steve Gleason, was in Baton Rouge today doing what he and his organization are known for - helping those in need.

Gleason, a former New Orleans Saints player and advocate for ALS patients, and his volunteer team joined forces with a home-rebuilding organization to rebuild the home of a Baton Rouge woman with ALS who lost her home during the historic August floods.

Julie Harvey didn't have flood insurance. She and her husband have been living in a temporary trailer behind the home. Harvey, meanwhile, has had to sleep in her wheelchair every night.

"It's been rough, rough. We've been struggling every day," Harvey said.

The Team Gleason volunteers are on a 24-hour, no-stop blitz to finish the home.

"A flood literally have striped these guys of their home, but like all of you, Team Gleason is here to help," Gleason said.

Gleason played for the New Orleans Saints from 2000-2008. His blocked punt against the Atlanta Falcons went down in Saints history on Sept. 25, 2006, the first game played in the Superdome since it reopened after Hurricane Katrina. It was one of the most watched football games in NFL history. In case you missed it, we won.

He retired from football 18 months after the historic game.

A few years later, in 2011, Gleason was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Since his diagnosis, he has become an activist in the fight for a cure for the excruciating, often fatal disease.

His foundation, Team Gleason, raises money and awareness about the disease and helps ALS patients to live the most independent life they possibly can.

His Team Gleason House for Innovative Living in New Orleans is only the second of its kind in the world. It uses the latest computer technology to help ALS patients live more independently.