Boeuf Gras continues: Celebrating the old fat ox at Crescent City Steaks

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - As we roll into the home stretch of Carnival season (Can you believe the big, big parades kick off Thursday?), we checked into another great place to chew the fat and celebrate the old fat ox, the Boeuf Gras.

On our latest stop, we hit a New Orleans institution when it comes to steaks.

Crescent City Steaks has been serving up sizzling USDA Prime steaks since 1934. When you walk through the door and use a little imagination, you might just believe you've taken a stroll back in time. From the tile floor, to the warm antique woodwork, to the privacy booths along on wall, this place screams nostalgia.

As cool as the setting is, the food is just as classic and just as comforting for diners.

Anthony Vojkovich tells us the goal is to make you feel like you're dining with family. They don't disappoint. The vibe in the building is certainly relaxed and unpretentious.

On our recent visit, Vojkovich served up a Porterhouse for two. It is a substantial cut of meat that really offers diners the best of both worlds. You get that earthy, chew of the strip on one side and the buttery softness of the filet on the opposite side.

Both cuts get a punch of great steak flavor due to the bone that connects them. Speaking of butter, Vojkovich told me that Crescent City Steaks was actually the first local establishment to serve butter on their steaks. How decadent is that?

Pair one of the great steaks at Crescent City Steaks with signature sides like onion rings, au gratin potatoes, a variety of fries, or one of several vegetable sides - and you are in for a real treat.

We tried the au gratin potatoes and they were amazing. We were also lucky enough to sample some onion rings. Wow! Honestly, a steak and a handsome pile of those golden onion rings is the perfect meal. So, from perfect steaks, to great sides, to a dining environment that exudes comfort, Crescent City Steaks is a great place to indulge and salute the Boeuf Gras.