Knock, Knock. Who’s dat? It’s Dat King Cake Guy at your door

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - If this guy drove for Dominos, he'd be the pizza guy. But Justin Thibodeaux  travels around town with a trunk full of king cakes.

All you have to do is ask Justin Thibodeaux, that makes him, Dat King Cake Guy.

As he rolls around New Orleans in his maroon Toyota minivan, Dat King Cake Guy's business is brand new.  And it's really busy.

WGNO News with a Twist feature guy Wild Bill Wood says to Justin Thibodeaux, "you're like Uber for king cakes!"

He delivers king cakes to your front door.  You never have to leave your living room for a king cake again.

You may have to ask Justin to leave.

He says,  "they usually say, come on in and have some king cake and sometimes I do."

Dat King Cake Guy delivers to the door of your store.  He delivers curbside to your car.  It's all because Justin did not love his job as a lineman for an electric company quite as much as his real romance.

That's his love for king cakes.

The cakes come fresh from bakeries like Cartozzo's.  That's one place "dat guy" goes for his daily delivery supply.

Angelo Cartozzo, Jr says,  "no one's ever done this before and I think he's going to do great."