Incarcerated teens get a little love on Valentine’s Day

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BRIDGE CITY, La. (WGNO) - This Valentine’s Day, Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC), working with Louisiana state and local municipalities, showed kids incarcerated in juvenile prisons and detention centers that their communities care by giving them valentines signed by supporters across the state.

These kids have also created their own valentines that they’re sending back to members of the community.

The campaign, called Stand In Love, was created by FFLIC to support children in the juvenile justice system and to forge a stronger partnership between government agencies and community members by engaging both to work in partnership.

"It's tough because I want to be there with my family with my friends, and be there for my brother because his birthday is in a couple days-- I just want to be there and send him love," said Donald, who is on the verge of leaving BCCY. "Just to know there's people here to spend love with me that just eases my heart and my mind a little bit so I just want to thank everyone for coming here."

"We are coming to show some love to all the children who are locked in the facilities and away from home and family members," said Gina Womack, executive director of Friends and Families of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children. "We believe that children should have an opportunity to be children, and we are all rooting for you all so when you come home that you know that there's a community of love and support that is out there for you."

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