Drag Queens and Kings keep gender fluid during high-energy performances

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The City that Care Forgot has a long history of gender bending performers and performances, and a new wave of talent is keeping that tradition alive.

We sat down with a few Drag Kings and Queens recently to talk to them about their performances, personas, and audience interaction.

“It’s just like finding this song that you like and then creating like a three-minute movie to it but just staring you,” New Orleans Drag Workshop Headmistress Vinsantos said. “If you wanted to describe traditional drag it would be a male-born man, dressing as a woman. And we’re talking a lot of opulence, a lot of gowns, a lot of jewelry, big hair and tons of makeup.”

Above all, these high-energy performances are all about letting loose and having fun.

“The way you present yourself is your choice and I think drag takes that choice and twists it and turns it and has fun with it,” Drag King Drifter said.