Military to conduct urban training in New Orleans at night

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The City of New Orleans announced that members of the military will spend about ten days practicing urban training in the city.

     According to a news release, all of the training has  been coordinated with the appropriate state, parish, and city officials as well as with owners of any private property that is involved.

     “All safety precautions have been implemented in order to prevent unnecessary risk to both the participants and/or area residents and their property,” a portion of the news release reads.

     According to the city, the training involves simulated military operations and helicopters and will be conducted at night.  The city says the operations will simulate situations that our troops might encounter in operations overseas.

     The training started on February 7 and will continue through the 17th.

     Exact locations will not be announced because the military does not wish for crowds to gather in the area.  But the city says troops will go door-to-door to inform neighbors of the training that’s about to take place.

     9-1-1 operators will also be notified.

     Police are apologizing for any disturbances and will be at the scene of all exercises.

     It’s not the first time that the military has used New Orleans for training.  In April of 2013, neighbors were told to expect to see helicopter flights at where also part of a week of military training.