ACLU of Louisiana speaks out against immigration executive order

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The ACLU of Louisiana has issued a scathing statement against President Donald Trump’s recent executive order on immigration.

Assistant Director of Operations and Communications Colleen Kane Gielskie said the ACLU is committed to “preserving the rights and freedoms of everyone in Louisiana,” and Muslim residents and visitors are no exception.

“We denounce President Trump’s bigoted, unconstitutional order barring refugees, immigrants, and travelers from certain Muslim-majority countries,” Gielskie said in the statement. “While the ACLU and other organizations challenge President Trump’s order in courts around the country, the ACLU of Louisiana commits to full support for the Muslims of Louisiana.”

Noting that many Louisiana residents are descended from Acadian refugees in search of religious freedom, indigenous people, and slaves who had no religious rights, the ACLU called for all Louisiana residents to protect people of all faiths.

“When government interferes with religion, and religious bigotry is allowed to become law, we all suffer,” Gielskie said.