Beer lovers rejoice, it’s national beer can appreciation day!

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NEW ORLEANS(WGNO) - Eighty-two years ago, on the great day of January 24th, beer was first sold in cans.

The first company to produce the beverage in can form was Krueger Brewing Company of Richmond, Virginia.

Made of steel and weighing in at almost 4 ounces, these hefty canisters opened with a church key.

The original glass bottles sky-rocketed in price because the cost of glass went up.
The beverage was then served in ceramic, reusable bottles. In 1935, inventors came up a more cost effective way to sell the beverage, in a steel can, and the rest is history.

If you're a beer can appreciator then today is the day for you.

At the Southern Food and Beverage Museum you can catch various beer cans from around the country on display.