Beignets with a peanut butter twist: Would you eat it?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Where are all my peanut butter fans?

Whether you are a Skippy, Jiff, or Peter Pan fan, Amy from the food blog Oh Bite It has a delectable treat for you – fried peanut butter.

First, get some parchment paper, and plop down about 15 balls of peanut butter then put them in the freezer.

It’s very important that the peanut butter balls are frozen.

Then open up some Pillsbury Crescent Rounds and put the frozen peanut butter balls onto each round and seal it tightly.

Pop those babies back into the freezer and get your oil ready for frying.

Then drop the wrapped peanut butter balls into the hot oil until they are golden brown.

Top them off with some powdered sugar and enjoy.

Would you eat it?