Dr. Rachel: Makeup Health

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - What's in your make-up bag could have some negative impacts on your health,  Dr. Rachel breaks it down.

Dr. Rachel told us, "The other day I was getting ready for a TV interview and the make-up person educated me on healthy make-up habits.  I was fascinated. I am not a healthy makeup consumer at all. I want to share the information I learned with you."

There is a very specific shelf life for each item in your make-up case. Check out our table:

Mascara 3 months
Cream Eye Shadow 1 year
Powder Eye Shadow 2 years
Foundation in open container 6 months
Foundation with pump 8 months
Lipstick 2 years
Eye Liner 2 years

Dr. Rachel learned foundations in bottles with narrow openings last longer than bottles with wide openings. "The wide-opening bottles let more air in and you also put more of your contaminated fingers into the bottle allowing for more bacteria to get inside and grow. The best foundations are the ones in a closed container with a pump so you never touch the inside of the bottle."

To keep contamination at bay, makeup brushes should be cleaned once a week with a mild antibacterial dish detergent and you should never share your makeup with anyone. If you get a cold sore, infection, pink eye, or any other health condition on your face, throw the makeup away that had contact with the infected area.Dr. Rachel also learned that 89% of women hoard makeup 'just in case.`

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