Martine’s Lounge Drink of the Day: Hibiscus Sparkler

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METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) - If you're looking for a fresh, sparkly drink to serve at your holiday party or any time of year, look no further.

Our friends over at Martine's Lounge in Metairie shared their recipe for the Hibiscus Sparkler, our Drink of the Day.

The ingredients for the Hibiscus Sparkler are Honeysuckle Cathead Vodka, Bissap Breeze, which is a hibiscus concentrate, sparkling wine, fresh orange, and cranberry juice.

First, you pour a half-shot of the honeysuckle vodka. Next, you give it a splash of the Bissap Breeze. Then, you squeeze a piece of fresh orange and add a splash of cranberry juice.

Shake it all up, then strain it into a coupe glass.

Top with sparkling wine, garnish with a lemon twist - and enjoy!

You can find these drinks and more at Martine's Lounge, 2347 Metairie Road, in Metairie.

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