Kenny’s 12 Days of Giving Day Four: Son surprises mom with Mignon Faget jewelry

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - It's Day 4 of our "Kenny's 12 Days of Giving" tradition.

Today, Our Christmas Elf Kenny Lopez has another surprise for someone who could use some Christmas cheer.  He headed to Mignon Faget to surprise an unexpecting mother of six!



"I would like to nominate my mom, Azeza Jaber," 14-year-old Omar Jaber wrote to Kenny. "The reason I would like to nominate her is because she does so much for all her six kids, including me.  She doesn't know that I nominated her.

"My mom is such a special person.  She does so much for me and my family and she works so hard to make us all happy, so that's why I wrote into Kenny's 12 Days of Giving," he said.

Omar and Kenny conspired to get her some beautiful jewelry from Mignon Faget.  Margaret Wild from the store helped with the big surprise!


They decided on the Handful Pearl Necklace from Mignon Faget's Handmade Collection.

"This necklace is symbolic of giving and what it means to be human," Wild said.


When Azeza came into the store, she had no idea that Kenny and Omar were hiding in the back.   A hidden camera captured the moment that Azeza was in the store.


Azeza was in the store shopping for a wedding gift for a family member, and Omar knew that's where she'd be shopping, so that's how we were able to pull off the surprise.




"I'm so shocked," she said.  "Why isn't Omar in school?  This necklace is beautiful.  Thanks so much.  I love my son so much!"

You may be wondering why Omar wasn't in school.  He told his teachers what he was doing, and they were so impressed with the good gesture they let him be off for the day so he could surprise his mom.

For more information on Mignon Faget, click HERE.

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