Robin Williams and Tupac did what?

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Tupac Crum, Robin Williams, and Erick Harris were arrested in Payson, Arizona after they were found with 114 pounds of marijuana, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The marijuana was found when the oddly named trio was pulled over during a traffic stop on SR 87, South of Payson, according to authorities.

ALBUQUERQUE (CNN) – The names of two suspects were far from usual when police arrested three Albuquerque, New Mexico, men and confiscated thousands of dollars’ worth of marijuana.

State troopers pulled over Robin Williams, 21, Tupac Crum, 19, and Erick Harris Jr., 22, as they were heading north on State Route 87 near Payson, Arizona.

The initial stop of their Chevrolet truck was over alleged traffic violations, according to an Arizona Department of Public Safety statement.

During the stop, troopers called a K-9 officer to the scene after observing “indicators of criminal activity.” A subsequent search turned up bags of weed weighing 114.7 pounds — with a street value of about $69,000, the statement said.

All three were arrested Sunday and booked into the Gila County Jail on drug charges. An investigation is ongoing. It was not immediately clear if the three men had attorneys.