Community vigil honors slain NFL player Joe McKnight

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TERRYTOWN, La. (WGNO) - A faith vigil was held in Terrytown tonight to remember and honor 28-year-old Joe McKnight, who was gunned down Thursday.

Members of the faith community had a positive message for those in attendance saying regardless of race, we as a people need to stick together in times of tragedy.

McKnight was a  former John Curtis Christian High School standout and ex-NFL player who most recently played for two teams in the Canadian Football League. He was shot and killed at the corner of Behrman Highway and Holmes Boulevard in a possible road rage shooting.

Ronald Gasser, 54, has admitted to the shooting. He was booked for manslaughter this week, several days after he admitted to shooting and killing McKnight.

John Curtis Christian High School coach J.T. Curtis told the crowd that McKnight's death was a thoughtless tragedy that could have been avoided.

Dozens of people made it out to the vigil to pay their respects to McKnight and his family.

The overall message was one of hope and solidarity in moving forward.