Brewster’s, the home of good old American eats

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CHALMETTE, La. (WGNO) - If you are in Chalmette, there are lots of dining choices. But if you are in Chalmette and craving great American fare like steaks, burgers, salads and quite an assortment of sides and appetizers that will have you coming back for more, you head to Brewster's.

When we stopped by, the fine folks at Brewster's were more than willing to fire up the grill for great burgers, steaks and chicken.

The first thing I tried from the Brewster's menu was their 14-ounce ribeye steak. It was delicious. It was cooked medium rare and was quite possibly one of the juiciest steaks that I've had in years. It had the perfect amount of fat marbled throughout the steak. I am normally a Strip Steak guy, but I may have to go with the ribeye more often. It was served with a baked potato that was topped with butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon and chives.

Heck, the potato would be a meal in itself for a lot of folks. Brewster's offers the ribeye and a filet. They round out their steak selections with the strip, a sirloin, an 8-ounce cut of ribeye and a T-bone.

I also had the Brewster Burger topped with mushrooms, onions and swiss cheese. It was great. There were a couple of interesting things about the Brewster Burger. First, when they say that a burger comes "dressed" at Brewsters, they mean it.

Our burger was topped off with the usual lettuce, tomato and pickles but it was also topped with avocado. That's right, Brewster's halves and skins a fresh avocado and uses it to dress the 10-ounce Brewster burger.

If the 10-ounce version of the Brewster Burger sounds like too much, no fear, they also serve up a smaller version called the "Baby Brewster."

I also tried one of Brewster's signature salads, the Chicken Caesar salad. It was a generous portion of mixed greens topped with Caesar dressing. It was also topped with grilled chicken breast. The freshness was there. The flavor was there. It was a winner for sure.

Brewster's offers nearly a dozen salads, from side salads to salads that are a full-on meal. So, whether you are in the mood or you're hankering for a big juicy steak get on over to Brewster's.

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