Ready to sing like a star? Two Louisiana teenagers invent an app for that

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COVINGTON, La (WGNO) - If you're ready to sing like a star, belt out tunes like a Broadway veteran, you have to have the app just invented by a couple of unlikely app inventors.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood travels to Covington, Louisiana, about an hour from New Orleans, to meet Michael Austin Verges and Blake Bollinger.

These guys invented this app that helps singers warm up.

How good is it?  Apple just bought it.  It's called Verse.

It works. And it's a whole lot more mobile than a baby grand piano and a music teacher.

These guys are Wild Bill's Amazing Kids.

So is this guy who's going for the world weight lifting record.

And this six-year-old golfing guy named Baby James.