Hollywood South News with Jabari: NCIS: New Orleans offers to clean up parts of the city

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NCIS: New Orleans offers to clean up!

The anti-Trump protests that left a mess behind around Gallier Hall and in Lee Circle. The area was left with graffiti on buildings and monuments. When the producers offered to clean up the areas, the city responded saying "Thank's, but no thanks. We got it."

The hit TV show then offered to pay for the bar association graffiti clean up which is next door to Gallier Hall.

Keepin' it Green

On Sunday, November 20th, NCIS: New Orleans will host it's semi-Annual City Park's Keepin' It Green trash removal program. They'll be looking for volunteers to help clean the park. Lunch will be provided!

The event is free and open to the public.

Email them your name, t-shirt size, and the number of people you're bringing to ncisnolakeepinitgreen@gmail.com to volunteer.

Hollywood South Awards

The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation and Background Actors Guild will host the 2016 Hollywood South Awards. The event recognizes the contributions of local filmmakers who don't get recognized in film credits. The event will be held at the New Orleans Harrah's Casino on Saturday night.

Tickets are only available for pre-sale. It's almost sold out and you can get your hands on tickets HERE.